Shana sayang

I’m a Chinese guy in early 20’s and I got a close friend name E Ling. She is a chinese girl from a small town at the North of Malaysia. Every weekend she’ll be in Penang (the place I’m staying) for a seminar. I would accompany her after the seminar and later send her home to her relatives place.

But there are once she told me she would be staying overnight at a hotel because her friend Shanie will be coming here with her. Shana is a malay lady at her mid 20’s working at KL and here for a short weekend break. E Ling is a typical chinese Ling with quite a pair of big eyes, standard boobs, shoulder level hair and very sweet attitude. We use to go out even in our college years and pretend we were a couple, kiss occasionally and some light petting whenever possible. Here is where the stories start.

When I reach her hotel room Shana wasn’t around, and I never seen Shana before. It was just me and E Ling. We chat and have a little whisky and later start having some light petting and kissing game. We never have any sort of intimate relationship before and we would like to maintain it that way. Later we were having a heavier petting when all the sudden the doorbell rings. It was Shana. What I can say, Shana were just great. Quite tall with nice legs and big boobs, long hair and a sweet face and lips every guy would like to kiss. Quite shy we just sit and introduce ourselves. She just ‘putus tunang’ because the guy was lying her all the way. The guy actually had a wife. She was kind of sad that day. Later she told me she would not believe any guy anymore. Our talk start getting more intimate and she learn a lot of my carefree relationship with E Ling. She told me she prefer to have these kind of relationship, no worries and no commitments. But I told her it’s not right for her since it’s against her religion. E Ling later went to the washroom and she proceed to ask me if I ever had it on with E Ling. I told her the truth that we never had. And later jokingly tell her I would like to have it threesome if possible. We laugh, and E Ling came out from the washroom with a suspecting face.

We were feeling quite tired and later I fall asleep with E Ling in my arms on the mattress lying on the floor. I wake up middle of the night, and kiss E Ling. She woke up and kissing me back starts playing some licking game around my neck and ear. It was great and really a turn on. Without notice Shana woke up and looking at what we did. I tried to caress E Ling breast but she refuse. Shana then interrupt by joining us, and I know from here something wild and kinky gonna happen.

It seems to me that both of the girls have a well planed things to make out on this. I starts to kiss and lick Shana. She moan slowly and gently put my hands on her big boobs. By that time E Ling starts to undress me. I in return undress her and Shana. By this time E Ling do not resist. The three of us roll around the floor naked. E Ling pretty shy since this was her first time. Shana was different, she had it before with her ‘bekas tunang’ and since they have break, she do not mind having it with other guy. I stop and ask about their view, actually I prefer Oral sex that night rather than real sex but Shana insist. For E Ling, she said it was fine on whatever we gonna do as long as she is satisfied. I proceed to lick E Ling’s pussy. Her pussy with thick hair and one kinda smell. I ask Shana to lick my dick, it was her first time, her ‘bekas tunang’ use to have missionary sex with her minus all the fore play. Later, E Ling cum real hard, I lick all the juices and drink a glass of whisky to beat the taste. E Ling then lying motionless by the side of the bed.

It was now me and Shana. I proceed to have 69 position with her. Her cunt drip into my face and mouth as she slip my hard on dick into her mouth. She slide a rubber on my virgin dick and slowly into her pussy as she was on top of me. And later rode me like a mad horse. All the while she was moaning Erhhhh….. errhhhh!!!……ahhh….. I couldn’t take it, damn tight pussy and me running out of breath. After around 5-10 minutes I cummed. Rather disappointed over my bad performance. It wasn’t a sweet sex either. She console me I was quite good for a first timer and she was sorry she did it in such a harsh way. She then gave me another blowjob and I’m back in action.

This time I were on top of her. I gently slide in, penetrate every layer of her pussy and the sensation, DAMN GREAT. I change to side position before moving on to doggie. This time I last long enough to let her cum. few times before me. Whenever she cum. her body will shake vigorously and then slow down. We end the night with sitting position. Later she was too tired and fall asleep. I still need it. I proceed to E Ling this time. I ask her to give a hand job and she agree. It was the last time I cum. that night, I and cum all over E Ling’s chest.

The next morning when I woke up, Shana still sound asleep naked beside me. I lick her pussy and her big boobs until she woke up and had another round with her. We run out of condom so we have it without any protection. I shot my stuff out right on her face. She lick some of it and the rest wipe it out with toilet paper. She told me it was the greatest experience she ever had, not even with her ‘bekas tunang’. As for E Ling, well, she change her mind not to keep her virgin but too late, we were about to leave. We take a bath naked together before I send both of them to the railway station. Thank you for reading. Look out for my next experience with Shana alone, this time on the beach.