Unexpected encounter

I didn't think much about anything happening when I offered Rita a lift home after the function. I had known her for many years since she was a secretary to the MD of a company I had dealings with. Whenever I visited her boss, we would chat about this and that but never anything intimate or personal. I knew she was in her late 30s but little else. Besides, as she was Malay, I was very conscious of khalwat - which would embarrass me if I appeared in the papers and not to mention what would happen to my marriage.

Anyway, we chatted along the way as I sent her to her house in Subang Jaya and she started to ask me about my family life. She asked me if I was happy as a parent, how old my wife was, how long I had been married, etc. I decided that since she was being that curious, I also asked her about her life and she said that she was a widow (apparently her hubby died of a heart attack 5 years ago) with 2 kids. She seemed more keen to talk about my family and my wife, asking questions like whether she was a modern woman or 'typical Malaysian type' (not sure what that meant). I explained that she was from Penang and I guess she was 'modern', but my tone, I think, was a bit less than positive. She asked me how I met her, why I married her... boy, was it an interrogation! Eventually, when she got to our ages, she suddenly exclaimed that I am almost as old as her (she's 40).

When we got to her house, I was ready to just drop her off and leave when she suddenly asked me if I wanted to go in. I thought to myself that this was starting to look interesting and I said that I would. Her children were asleep and she started to relax on her sofa. I wasn't sure how to conduct myself and what was happening so I stayed cool. The last time such an invitation was given (with an 'American' girlfriend in 1989), I was a pretty 'blur' about what was going on and almost made a fool of myself for not being more "aware" of what was being proposed!

The questions continued and then she started to say something which made me almost sure of what would take place. She started to talk about how she didn't need to re-marry as she had a good job and could support her children. She said she missed her husband and all that and I asked her what she missed most about her married life and she said, without hesitation: "Sex-lah!" I sort of coughed a bit in surprise (yes, I was surprised, believe it or not) and she laughed and said I was pretending to 'be innocent'. I told her that I expected she would have found some men whom she could be intimate with (I found it hard to find the right words!) and she shouldn't have such a problem. She said that, for the sake of her children, she didn't want to have a reputation of a 'playgirl' and thought it looked silly at her age, nor was she willing to be someone's mistress.

I think my calmness in such talk, rather than being pushy, gave her confidence to talk more and she said that I should know how highly-sexed Malay women are. I said that I had *heard* but it was not my experience. I must have sounded pretty negative in that answer because she moved over to me and hugged me and said that maybe I had met the wrong ones. I was cautious at this point because I had to see just what sort of person she would be; didn't want someone who would destroy my home life.

Anyway, I told her that I valued my married life - to establish an important point. She commended me on that and said I seemed like a good guy but didn't I sometimes feel frustrated or want something different.Wow! What a question! I said yes and I thought, what the heck, might as well be bold. I told her that I had to play with myself sometimes and she went into the "poor thing" bit, saying that my wife must not be meeting my needs fully and that wasn't good for a man.

By then, my arm had gone around her and so I sort of pulled her closer and let my other hand wander on her thigh to test. She didn't object and asked me if I knew what I was doing. I said I did and she said, "Fine, then don't stop". I told her that her hand didn't need to stop either and she immediately went for my zip! My cock was already hard and it sort of popped up and she gazed at it as she gripped it. She said something about not having held a cock for so long so I guess she was a bit needy by then.

My mind was still in cautious mode and I told her that I didn't want it to seem like I was taking advantage of her, she being a widow and she smiled and said that I was really sweet. I guess, in my own way, I have some sort of "ethics" too! She said she would show me that Malay women are real hot and started to undress in front of me. Boy, did my cock get real hard. She had all the right statistics - heavy and full breasts with very big dark aureolae and pussy hair that went up to her pantyband (which I love).

She sort of landed in my lap and started to pull my cock towards her cunt and I panicked as I thought I would never be able to control myself and would cum quickly in her and make her pregnant. She said I didn't need to worry about that as she had had an operation after her second child and couldn't get pregnant.

That was a relief and so I allowed her to slip my cock in. She was real wet and squelchy and squatted above my cock as she fucked. She fucked me in a squatting position (which I enjoy but my wife complains is tiring). I only lasted about 5 minutes, which I thought a lousy performance for me! As I came, she came too and ground her cunt on my cock and pressed her breasts to my mouth. Yes, she was showing me how hot Malay women can be.

After she settled down, she said "thank you" and I was stunned by that... no one has ever said that to me! She then started to comment on my cock's size and I told her how her body turned me on tremendously. My cock was still hard and I told her that I usually needed 2 cums. She was happy about that and said she liked long fucks (she was into the right words by then). I asked her if she was into oral sex and she went "ummmm..." with a smile.

Before I knew it, she was licking my cock - and that turned me on a lot since her juices were on it and she had no problem with that (my wife has hang-ups about that). She started to suck it hard and took a lot of my cock in and also started to finger herself. I asked her if she played with herself a lot and she said she did, adding that she needed to cum often otherwise she would be irritable. She even confessed to me that sometimes she would get so horny in office she had to go to the toilet and finger herself.

I told her I thought it was rare that local women played with themselves but she surprised me by telling me that she knew a few of her friends who did the same thing (my mother's friend told me that when Malay women get together, they talk a lot about sex but Chinese women talk about clothes and children and food!). The way she went on talking about sex while we were playing with each other really turned me on.

I told her she had to stop a while because I was too excited and didn't want to cum right away. She sat down and stroked my cock and I played with the lovely breasts and fingered her cunt. I started to ask her about oral sex and whether she had been doing it all along and she said she never had any real liking when she was married but got keen on it these past two years. She said she had been seeing blue movies and found that sucking seemed so exciting. I asked her if she also swallowed cum and she said that she had not done it b4 but wouldn't mind trying if I wanted it! Double wow!

Then we talked about licking and she said that she had always dreamed about it but her husband was not willing to do it for her and she had not experienced it yet. That was just the opening (pun not intended!) I needed and I told her I loved to lick - but my wife didn't appreciate it - and positioned my head at her cunt and started to lick. She went wild and I saw my cum dripping out of her hole together with her juices (she didn't rush off to the toilet after fucking, unlike my wife). I licked it up too since I don't have a problem. She had a mind-blowing cum, I think and pressed my head against her cunt as she came. It was fine by me - I love wet pussies and the smell was wonderful!

I told her I was so excited by the licking that I needed to cum and she started to suck me. I positioned myself in the 69 position so I had a great view of her wet cunt. She did it with much enthusiasm and also swallowed my cock up to the balls. It was all too much for me and I came strongly and she tightened her lips around my shaft. As I came, she also squeezed my balls and I asked her later how she had known what to do and she said she saw it being done in the blue movies.

It was nice after all that to be able to hold her and let my cock rub against her cunt without worrying. Usually I am very careful since there is still sperm on the cock and don't want it to accidentally get into the cunt.

After that, she said that I was smelling of sex so she showed me to her bathroom and we bathed. It was so exciting for me that my cock refused to go down and she noticed it. She said she had not met anyone who was so horny and turned around and presented her ample ass to me. I thought she was offering her asshole and said that I don't enjoy it but she said she just wanted a doggy fuck, which I also enjoy. I pushed my cock deep inside and grabbed her breasts. She had a big mirror in her bathroom and it was an incredible experience to see us fucking.

Our session had gone on for about three hours and I'm sure we could have kept it up all night but I had to go home and she was in fact the one who prompted me. She said that we seemed good together and if there was another opportunity, we should get together. I won't forget that experience ever as it was so spontaneous and yet mind-blowing.